You and your partner have determined that couples therapy is right for you. There can be much to sift through before your first couples therapy appointment — individual or group sessions, workshops or intensives, insurance or out-of-pocket. If you’re curious about what couples therapy costs, this article is for you. 

 In this article, we’ll explore the various variables that can affect the cost of couples therapy and the benefits of investing in therapy for your relationship. Whether you’re looking for in-person or online couples therapy, this guide will help you decide on the best path forward.

How much does a typical couples therapy session cost?

Out-of-pocket rates for a couples therapy session can range from $100 to $320+. This significant variance is due to various factors, including experience, specialty, session type, duration, and going rates within the state where the therapist is licensed. 

How are couples therapy rates determined? 

Couples therapy rates often vary based on the therapist’s credentials. It’s important to know if your therapist has a terminal degree (such as a doctorate) and specializes in couples therapy. 

Look for certifications in a research-based approach to couples therapy like Gottman, Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT), Integrated Behavioral Couples Therapy (ICBT), or other well-known couples therapy approaches like PACT, Imago, etc. 

It’s crucial to choose the right therapist for you and your partner to achieve the best results.

Does insurance cover couples therapy?

Some private couples therapy practices accept insurance. What you’ll pay for each session will vary depending on whether you pay privately or submit through insurance. Always contact your insurance to understand your specific coverage, as many plans do not cover couples therapy or require a diagnosis code to receive insurance reimbursement. 

Some insurance companies reimburse out-of-network (OON) professional services, including therapy, which can help reduce costs considerably. We recommend calling your insurance company to see what percentage of the couples therapy fee they will reimburse. Your insurance company will need a few things from you, including a superbill.

How many couples therapy sessions will we need? 

The number of sessions you and your partner need depends on your goals. While discernment counseling may be completed in five sessions, infidelity recovery often requires a more extended set of sessions and support. Your therapist will recommend the best therapy path for you and your partner. 

Our clients often report positive changes after attending 8-12 therapy sessions at our practice. Couples therapy can be an effective approach to help you and your partner clarify goals, wants, and desires, and learn how to communicate effectively. Clients also find that therapy helps them heal from past incidents that may have caused hurt, anger, resentment, and guilt.

Are there any online or group therapy options that are more affordable?

Some therapy practices offer group programs around specific topics like communication, sexuality, infidelity recovery, and divorce support. Our individual therapy group, InSession Psych, provides a few group therapy programs that may fit your needs. 

Workshops can also be a great way to build your skills before, during, or after couples therapy. Connect Couples offers free online skill-building workshops that cover topics like parenting, conflict, anxiety, and sexuality. 

Your relationship deserves support and attention. 

The gains of investing in and participating in couples therapy can be enormous. Research shows that couples who work on their relationships can improve their relationship satisfaction, communication skills, and general well-being. Another benefit of working on your relationship is that couples in long-term relationships have passionate and wonderfully satisfying sex lives.  

The consequences of avoiding couples therapy can be significant. Past wounds, hurtful comments, or actions tend to leave long-lasting effects if not addressed. It may seem more convenient to ignore or distance yourself from these painful incidents for a while, but they can result in greater harm in the future if left untreated. 

Curious if couples therapy is right for you? We’ve gathered a list of key couples therapy questions to help you decide if it’s time to schedule an appointment. Take our 5-minute couples therapy quiz to get the support you need. 

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