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At Connect Couples Therapy we are always seeking new talent to work and grow in our company. We believe that in taking care of our clinicians, they will, in turn, take care of our clients – providing the best service around.

Our team consists of self motivated, autonomous individuals that also see the value in collaboration and group analysis work. Every individual on our team is an essential part in the link that makes Connect Couples Therapy truly unique.

“It’s an environment in which we care about each other personally and professionally.”

Having a support system around you as a clinician is an indispensable element to growing professionally, and that is what we promise to our team of trained professionals. Working with us means that we will have weekly supervision opportunities to staff cases and to learn, develop and grow from sharing with the best of the best.

“The work that therapists do with clients in creating a safe environment to grow and also form quality connections is mirrored in the relationships we have with each other and business practices.”

We want you to feel connected, fulfilled and progressive in your day’s work. We want you to lead when you feel secure to and be led when you seek some guidance professionally. Caring for team dynamics is our job, ensuring that the team is challenged, motivated and united at all stages.

“Learning how other therapists are implementing models that are research-based in supporting couples achieve their goals is really helpful to my growth as a clinician. I’m constantly learning new angles to approach situations that are challenging.”

Connect Couples Therapy cares for you both personally and professionally. Some of the many benefits for working with us is the opportunity to attend the workshops and clinical events that take place at Connect Couples Therapy each year. You are welcome to come to clinical events as a participant as well as attend some of our couples workshops free of charge, not just for you but with your partner too. This is how we show that we value you and the dedicated work that you do at Connect Couples Therapy.

It’s time to take that step forward in your career and join an ethical team of professionals using science-based tools and strategies to benefit clients & our community.


  • We provide thorough training prior to clients being scheduled
  • Flexible in hours and holidays
  • Solid support system
  • Opportunity to grow professionally and personally
  • Learn and collaborate with experienced professionals

Minimum training level for prospective contract therapists:

  • Gottman Level 1 & Level 2 and/or EFT 4-day Externship

*If not all training has been completed by time of application, a specific timeline on when candidate will accomplish training will be required.

Do you think you would fit in with the team culture at Connect Couples Therapy?

We would love to hear from you. Tell us why by sending a letter of interest and your resume to [email protected]

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