“The tools the therapist provides have been extraordinary. I am so thankful for the online option because it allows us to continue to have calming guidance even when the world goes crazy like now. Even online, our therapist easily attunes to our needs (whether we know them at the time or not!) so that we forget that we’re not in a counseling office.”
– A Current Client

Interested in individual support for depression, anxiety, or addiction? Please check out our In Session Psych practice.

COVID-19 Virus Statement: We’re Here for You
We are open during this unprecedented time, providing online therapy for residents of AZ, NC, SC, & TX. We understand that uncertainty and stress can strain relationships, so we are here to help you and your family navigate this time in a way that fosters resiliency and emotional closeness. 

Free Online Relationship Courses

As a service to the community, we are also offering FREE online relationship skills courses to help individuals and couples navigate this time of stress.

Why Choose Connect Couples Therapy?


Our clinical services are grounded in decades of research and are proven to produce lasting change for the majority of clients. We also use the Gottman Connect platform to check in on a relationship’s strengths and challenges, provide specific recommendations, and measure progress over time.



While there are common patterns and dynamics that emerge in healthy couples and in those that are struggling, every individual and every couple is unique and has a nuanced history and view of the world. In accounting for this uniqueness, we tailor our services according to your personal needs, values, and goals so you’ll leave our sessions feeling heard and understood.


Working with couples requires a specialized set of training and skills so we are continuously working to remain on the cutting-edge of scientific developments and research in the area. As part of staying on the cutting-edge, we have advanced training in both Gottman Method Therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy, two specialized and scientifically-based models that help people better connect.

About Us

We opened our practice in 2009 as a husband and wife team with the goal of providing quality services to couples in a collaborative and accepting environment. Over the years, our practice has expanded to include a group of skilled and compassionate professionals. We’ve been married for 17 years, have a daughter, and a hyper little Westie named “Rocky.” We know, both personally and professionally, how overwhelming and painful communication and other challenges that emerge in intimate relationships can be. We also know the potential for change, growth, and connection that is possible in working through these challenges with support. Please let us know if you have any questions about how we can provide you with this support.
Sincerely, George W. Bitar, Ph.D. & Faith Drew, Ph.D.Certified Gottman Method Couple Therapists

Our Team

Hanna Rose

Hanna Rose


H.M. Humphrey

H.M. Humphrey


Kelsee White

Kelsee White


Brittany Bolden

Brittany Bolden



couples therapy

Couples ReConnection

Major life transitions (e.g., birth of a child), communication issues, unmet emotional needs, addiction, and relationship neglect can all produce a sense of disconnection. We help couples work through these and other issues in a way that builds trust and closeness.
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affair recovery

Infidelity Recovery

Few experiences are as painful as the trauma of infidelity. We provide couples a map for navigating recovery using Gottman’s 3-Phase Trust Revival Method, which promotes a supportive environment where healing becomes possible over time.
Learn more

premarital counseling

Premarital Counseling

We give relationships a solid and secure foundation to last a lifetime. This service is built on science-based principles that have been shown to decrease divorce and significantly improve marital satisfaction.
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2-Day Couples Intensive

This is an accelerated version of our other therapy services. During this process, we meet with you and your partner over the course of two consecutive days (12 hours total) where we can more quickly repair and strengthen your relationship.
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Discernment Counseling

If you or your spouse are considering divorce but are not completely sure that’s the best path, you are in a tough spot. And Discernment Counseling is designed for you. It’s a chance to slow down, take a breath, and look at your options for your marriage.
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The Art & Science of Love Workshop

This workshop was created by Drs. John & Julie Gottman and is run in collaboration with the Gottman Institute.
Next Workshop (Online): June 5th & 6th
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2021 Professional Lecture Series

We host trainings with cutting-edge clinicians and researchers for therapists who want to improve the services they provide couples. Past presenters have included Andrew Christensen (ICBT), George Faller (EFT), Alex Vax (Deliberate Practice), Bob Navarro (Gottman Method with Couples in Recovery), & Dan Wile (Collaborative Couples Therapy). 

Introduction to PACT with Dr. Stan Tatkin

June 11th, 2021; 3:00-5:00PM EST
This two-hour PACT introduction with Dr. Stan Tatkin gives an overview of the principles of the Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy. Clinicians are introduced to the three domains of PACT (attachment theory, arousal regulation, and developmental neuroscience), the therapeutic goal of secure functioning, and techniques for working with couples that clinicians can use right away.   

Learn more here

Internal Family Systems Applied to Couples

September 17th, 2021; 2:00-5:00PM EST

This three-hour workshop with Robin Warsh, LICSW will cover Internal Family Systems (IFS) and its application to couples using the innovative Intimacy From the Inside Out (IFIO) model. Clinicians will be introduced to a road map for effective couples work, including how to: best track interactional sequences, foster courageous communication, and facilitate individual work in the presence of the other.

Learn more here

In the Media

Recent Blog Posts

Our blog includes some of the relationship tools, strategies, and concepts that we find useful in our own lives and in the lives of our clients.

Support For Those With Suicidal Thoughts

Support For Those With Suicidal Thoughts

Have you ever suspected that someone you know may be having suicidal thoughts? Perhaps you've noticed your partner become uncharacteristically withdrawn, giving away prized possessions out-of-the-blue, or "getting affairs in order." Or maybe a friend or family member...

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Anxious, Excited, or Both? Your Relationship Post Lockdown

Anxious, Excited, or Both? Your Relationship Post Lockdown

Now that COVID-19 vaccines are more widely available for adults, updated CDC guidelines, and mask mandates lifting, I’m beginning to see signs of distress and increased anxiety in couples regarding how to maintain closeness while reintegrating into their community....

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