Faith & George at a training with Drs. Julie & John Gottman.

Faith & George with Drs. Julie & John Gottman.

We have experienced the deep fulfillment and inevitable disappointments in our own marriage and know the importance of having a clear map to navigate the complex and challenging territory of committed relationships. One of the maps that we’ve found to be the most effective is Gottman Method Couples Therapy.

In short, the method is informed by 40 years of research into what makes marriages succeed or fail. In addition to focusing on a couple’s stated goals, we help couples:

  • nurture their friendship,
  • express fondness and admiration,
  • turn toward each (instead of turning away) during everyday moments,
  • enhance a feeling of positivity in the relationship,
  • manage conflict effectively (without defensiveness, criticism, stonewalling, & contempt),
  • support each other’s personal goals and dreams,
  • and create rituals of connections (e.g., regular walks together, connecting texts during the day).

We know that relationships are complicated and relationship issues are painful. We also know that most of these issues, issues that can often lead to break up, are natural, understandable, and often able to be resolved through counseling.

During your sessions, we’ll help you and your partner transform defensiveness, criticism, and isolation into openness, intimacy, and connection. We’ll provide you and your partner with a safe place to explore and express your emotions and concerns, and you’ll learn skills and practices proven to restore and strengthen relationships.

Our couples counseling is rooted in evidence-based practices and supported with deep listening and nonjudgmental understanding. We use techniques and strategies that are consistently successful in helping couples heal.

Please let us know how we can tailor this approach to meet your unique needs.


Dr. Bitar

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