Welcome to the first post in our new series, Therapist Resource Roundup. Each quarter, we’ll share a list of resources focused on a different theme our therapists often work through with clients. Every roundup will feature books, articles, videos, and podcasts that our therapists most recommend for the topic at hand. These resources can help set you on a positive path whether you’re in a crisis or seeking to supplement your work in therapy.

Many couples experience infidelity, whether the affair involves a physical or emotional betrayal. We recognize how deeply painful and traumatizing this betrayal can be. Some people also experience PTSD symptoms and may wonder if forgiveness is possible. Or, perhaps the betrayal happened years ago in your relationship but was never reconciled. If you choose to embark on the healing process, it is possible to recover from infidelity. Through the process of therapy, you can restore trust in your relationship. We’ve compiled six recommended resources from our clinicians to help you and your partner heal from infidelity.

Book: Not “Just Friends” Rebuilding Trust and Recovering Your Sanity After Infidelity by Shirley Glass, PhD

This resource is most helpful for

Couples who struggle with infidelity — both the betrayed and the one who stepped outside the relationship.

Top takeaways from therapist Dr. Faith Drew

Not “Just Friends”… is particularly helpful as it takes the perspective of both individuals in the relationship (and even the Affair Partner). The text walks you through various stages: the slippery slope, the trauma, the search for meaning, and the healing journey. This book is comprehensive, so you’ll probably want to review some chapters multiple times. While it’s not a light read, it’s an essential resource for anyone who has experienced a betrayal and is looking to heal from infidelity.

Book: Healing from Infidelity by Michele Weiner-Davis

This resource is most helpful for

Couples in the crisis phase of infidelity recovery who are looking for tangible step-by-step guides for how to move forward in healthy and helpful ways. 

Top takeaways from therapist Anna Malles

Healing from Infidelity is an excellent book for couples in the crisis phase of infidelity recovery. It’s beneficial for couples looking for a tangible step-by-step guide that outlines healthy ways to move forward. It speaks to the experiences of both the betrayed and betraying partners. This book helps couples process all the emotions involved in the betrayal. Couples will learn how to communicate their pain to maintain safe boundaries and build connection. I love that it spends so much time discussing how to feel and navigate the deep shame both partners often carry during the infidelity recovery process. This particular process can be one of the most challenging aspects of healing. 

Book: What Makes Love Last by John Gottman, PhD and Nan Silver

This resource is most helpful for

Both the betrayer and the betrayed

Top takeaways from therapist Hanna Rose…

This book is a helpful resource for understanding the fundamental aspects of a healthy relationship and how couples may find themselves in an adulterous relationship. What Makes Love Last doesn’t make excuses for the betrayer. This text expands on the “how did we get here” question with research and insight. Couples will benefit from the road map for recovering from infidelity and learn how to rebuild trust. 

Podcast: Helping Couples Heal (episodes with Dr. Omar Minwalla)

This resource is most helpful for

Both partners committed to the affair recovery process

Top takeaways from therapist Dr. George Bitar…

Dr. Omar Minwalla discusses the notion of “integrity abuse,” which is not typically highlighted in other recovery resources. Dr. Minwalla describes integrity abuse as “intentionally preventing others from knowing the truth. It prohibits partners from being able to respond in healthy ways based on being informed about their reality.” The impact, then, on the partner typically involves complex-PTSD symptoms. Understanding these dynamics can help create greater compassion, understanding, and patience with the recovery process. 

YouTube: Affair Recovery – Survivor Blog

This resource is most helpful for

Both betrayed and betrayer

Top takeaways from therapist Kelsee White…

This online video blog is beneficial as it provides testimony and tips on infidelity recovery from individuals and couples who have experienced the trauma of an affair. It tackles topics common in affair recovery, such as intrusive thoughts, ambivalence about the marriage, intimacy, triggers, and beyond. I like that the videos on any given topic are usually about 10-15 minutes long. This duration provides just enough information to spark some processing but not too much to where one might feel overwhelmed. Couples typically report that it gives them something tangible between sessions to listen to, and it’s great for those who might not be big readers. 

Book: The State of Affairs by Esther Perel

This resource is most helpful for

Couples struggling with infidelity who want to better understand why affairs happen and how to move forward

Top takeaways from intake coordinator Kaitlyn Stickley

This book explores why affairs happen so often and what goes into an affair. Perel helps the reader to understand that, for the betrayer, while affairs are an act of betrayal, they are also expressions of longing and loss. Perel also shares that, for the betrayed, an affair can bring about a change in identity as one questions their memory of the past. Overall, The State of Affairs emphasizes how important it is for couples in the healing process to explore the meaning and motives of the affair. It’s a helpful read for those who want to understand both perspectives of an affair and explore healing.

Podcast: Helping Couples Heal

This resource is most helpful for

Those impacted by betrayal trauma as well as the betrayer. The podcast also gives more specifics about sexual addiction.

Top takeaways from therapist Danae Kauffman…

The Helping Couples Heal podcast can help the betrayed partner realize they have experienced trauma. It also helps the betrayer understand their behavioral impact on their partner. The content offers great metaphors and resources to the couple as they try to make sense of the betrayal and their role. One great takeaway would be the 4 circle plan, which expands on traditional addiction recovery by adding a 4th space to consider the people the betraying partner has impacted.

While these resources are a helpful starting place to heal from infidelity, we can help with relationship repair and refining your apology process. We offer in-person and virtual sessions if you are ready to schedule an appointment and live in Arizona, North Carolina, South Carolina, or Texas. Contact us to get started.