With the year’s close only a few weeks away, many are already thinking about next year’s resolutions. You may want to repair a relationship or improve your communication skills, advocate for yourself or seek professional therapy. But before you put pen to paper for next year’s resolutions, take the time to honor how far you’ve come. Everyone should celebrate the year and their learnings with a personal year in review. 

Your year in review is just that — a review of your year. It’s a time to reflect upon your progress, learnings, and feelings. While you may finish your year in review with actionable opportunities, the goal is self-reflection and appreciation. Our therapists have crafted a year in review template that’s flexible enough for individual, couple, or family reflection. Schedule some time for yourself, and let’s get to it. 

5 questions for your year in review 

You can do this exercise individually, with your partner, or with your family. 


You’ll need a notebook or blank paper, your favorite pen or pencil, and a distraction-free environment. 

CC Therapy Year in Review Worksheet (click to download for free)

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is one positive thing I contributed to 2022?
  2. How would I describe my progress for the year? Personally? Professionally? 
  3. What important lesson did I learn about myself? My partner? My family? My profession?
  4. What feelings do I have towards myself? My partner? My family? My profession?
  5. What is one change I want to make for myself and about myself?

We know that couples who develop rituals around self-reflection, what Gottman calls the State of the Union meeting, tend to have healthy relationships. The above questions will help you focus and can be used as a guide to deepen your conversation with your partner as you review this year and move into the new year. We suggest thinking through these questions individually to start. We have found that some partners require more time to think about their responses and have difficulty answering important topics on the spot. When you give yourself and your partner time to prepare, you’ll increase the chances of having a meaningful conversation later. 

Our year in review: 6 helpful resources for couples 

It’s normal to feel just about anything after completing your year in review. The review may leave you feeling proud and hopeful or conjure feelings of frustration and uncertainty. Our therapists can help you understand these feelings and help you create the frameworks for joy and satisfaction in your life and relationships. 

Our team worked hard this year, crafting resources and articles that best served those seeking relationship help. These resources can support your relationship goals and any work in therapy. Here are our six most popular pieces of the year.

Is couples therapy in the cards for next year? 

Our therapists are experienced in all sorts of challenges that couples face. Common relationship challenges include communication blocks, infidelity, intimacy issues, substance use, and more. Often, starting therapy is the hardest part. 

If you are ready to schedule a therapy appointment and live in Arizona, North Carolina, South Carolina, or Texas, we can help. Contact us to get started.