In the world of love languages, gifts often get a bad rap. People often misunderstand and stigmatize the gifts love language, believing it to be materialistic, greedy, or shallow. Yet there is beauty and significance in the love language of gifts. Whether you identify with this language or have a loved one who receives love in this manner, it’s time to break down the misconception and celebrate the genuine emotional connections that can be forged through thoughtful gifts.

Is gift-giving a love language? 

The concept of love languages, popularized by Dr. Gary Chapman in his book “The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts,” proposes that individuals express and perceive love in five primary ways. The five love languages are Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Quality Time, Physical Touch, and Gifts. Dr. Chapman describes that each person has a unique love language. Understanding your and your partner’s love language can allow you both to feel loved and provide insight into how to express love to your partner.

For those whose love language is gifts, the act of giving or receiving presents carries deep emotional meaning. It’s not about the extravagance or materialism of the gifts. The gifts love language is about the thought, effort, and love that goes into selecting and presenting a gift.

Breaking the stigma of the love language of gifts 

Labeling the gift love language as superficial or materialistic is an oversimplification. It’s time to dispel these misconceptions and embrace the love language of gifts:

Myth: Those with gifts as their love language are materialistic or greedy. 

Truth: People with the gift-giving love language appreciate the thought and effort that goes into a gift, not its monetary value. They feel loved when someone works hard to choose and purchase a special and meaningful gift.

Myth: Gifts are not a thoughtful expression of love.

Truth: People who speak the love language of gifts are often highly attuned to the needs and desires of their loved ones and are typically very thoughtful when selecting a gift for someone. They use gifts to express their specific understanding, appreciation, and love.

Myth: Gifts are superficial and are not symbolic of an emotional connection.

Truth: Gifts can be tangible symbols of the emotional bond between individuals or a celebration of significant life events. Receiving a well-thought-out gift can be a powerful affirmation and reminder of love and care.

Myth: Buying a gift is an easy way out of showing real love.

Truth: Gift-givers put effort and creativity into finding or making something special. This process allows them to uniquely express themselves and their love.

4 ways to embrace the love language of gift

When you have a loved one whose love language is gifts, knowing how to embrace and demonstrate the important aspects can be very meaningful. Below are some helpful suggestions to consider when gifting. 

1. Ensure open communication: If you’re in a relationship with someone whose love language is gifts, open and honest communication is vital. Talk about which types of gifts are most meaningful, and listen to your loved one’s feelings about this love language.

2. Celebrate the thought, not the price: When your loved one’s language is gifts, remember to share the thought and effort behind the gift. Even a small, thoughtful token can carry immense meaning.

3. Presentation matters: Wrap your gift to show that you put in extra thought and effort. The presentation of the gift can be just as important as the gift itself. Love can be shown and seen in the details.

4. Celebrate diversity: Remember that people have different love languages, and that’s what makes relationships so rich and complex. Expressing and receiving love differently offers you an opportunity to experience love from an alternate lens.

Gifts can be powerful expressions of love.

It’s time to destigmatize the love language of gifts and recognize the deep emotional significance behind this expression of love. Whether you thrive on giving and receiving gifts or are in a relationship with someone who does, understanding and embracing this love language can lead to deeper and more meaningful connections. Let’s celebrate the beauty of thoughtfully chosen presents as a language of love and break down the barriers that have stigmatized it for far too long.

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