If your friends ask, you say, “Everything is great…really…it’s good.” However, you know that isn’t entirely true, your relationship is “fine.” It’s not great and it’s definitely not how you’d like it to be, but it’s not on-the-brink of collapse. But you’re not okay with fine–you feel alone with your partner, even in the same room together. Understandably, you want more and you need more from your relationship.

You need to find the path back to one another; you long for the passion and the fun that got the whole thing started in the first place. You need a jump-start. You may need a Couples Intensive.

What is Couples Intensive Therapy?

Couples intensives, or sometimes referred to as “marathon therapy,” act as the jump-start to find the path back towards connection and to begin enjoying your relationship again. Intensives are condensed and concentrated timeframes, ranging from one-day to two consecutive days, ideal for busy couples who want their relationship to improve and are willing to put the time and energy into it.

How is an intensive different from couples therapy?

Couples intensive differs from traditional couples therapy in the dedicated condensed time and focus. Intensives quickly identify one or two major barriers in your relationship and the time together is dedicated to working on that particular issue or pattern, helping both partners gain practical skills that will be applicable to other areas in the relationship. Intensives have the capability to quickly promote healing and ignite connection.

Would my relationship be a good candidate for this approach?

Couples who benefit from an intensive typically have the following in common:

  • Both partners are highly motivated to work on their relationship.
  • Each partner is open to feedback and willing to try new skills to improve their relationship.
  • Couples are able to carve out one full day or two consecutive days to solely focus on their relationship.

Once we complete an intensive, will our relationship be “saved?”

There is no guarantee that an intensive or marathon therapy will save your relationship. An intensive will help you and your partner address problem areas, learn techniques and skills to work through them, and you’ll gain resources to keep the positive momentum going.

It is not uncommon for couples who attend an intensive, to schedule follow up sessions a month or two afterwards to continue sharpening their skills.

Where can I find a Couples Intensive?

You can do a web search using keywords: couples intensive or marathon therapy. Our practice, Connect Couples Therapy, specializes in relationships and we offer online intensives for convenience and accessibility. Both our Charlotte, NC and Carefree, AZ offices offer in-person options.

Many couples make a retreat out of it! You work hard for a few days, go out to dinners at night, and then golf, pamper yourselves with spa treatments, and shop on the weekend. Our Arizona location is perfectly situated to plan a couples getaway within close proximity to luxurious resorts.

What do I need to look for to make sure the Couples Intensive is credible?

You want to read the bio of the person leading the intensive. Review their education and credentials to ensure they have specific training in relationships. A licensed clinician is highly recommended—they will be able to screen for mental health dynamics and make appropriate referrals, if needed.

Our therapists at Connect Couples Therapy use science-based approaches to relationship health. Drs. Drew and Bitar earned their doctorates in Marriage and Family Therapy from an accredited program and have earned certifications in specific models of couples therapy (Gottman Method for Couples Therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy), which required additional years of supervised training.

Jump-start your relationship

If a Couples Intensive interests you and your partner, register for a Couples Intensive and change your relationship from “fine” to “fantastic!” Our practice offers three options: 1) with either Dr. Drew or Dr. Bitar (AZ office only) or 2) with both Drs. Drew and Bitar, a husband and wife team or 3) with Brittany or Kelsee at our Charlotte office. Contact us to get scheduled for our next available intensive.