Couples Therapy

We are all, at our core, social beings. Both our darkest moments and greatest joys involve those who are closest to us. Our partners have the potential to be a source of support, safety, and security . . . or pain, loneliness, and anxiety.

When we choose to enter into relationship as a couple, we invest ourselves in a union more powerful than either individual. All of our hopes, fears, and deepest desires are held by our new, interconnected identity.

When our relationships work, they can provide us with the foundation for an immensely fulfilling life. When our relationships break down, we can feel as if our entire world is crumbling along with them.

It’s natural for changes and challenges to arise over the course of a relationship, but if we begin to feel as if our union is cracking, if fear and struggle replace hope and compromise, then we must take action.

Couples counseling provides us with a safe place to explore difficult feelings. It takes courage to seek help in exploring our most intimate concerns, but our efforts are always rewarded. Healing done in partnership ripples throughout our lives, enabling us to enjoy greater well-being in our relationships and personal growth to last a lifetime.

Healing and Transformation

We know that relationships are complicated and relationship issues are painful. We also know that most of these issues, issues that can often lead to break up, are natural, understandable, and able to be resolved through counseling.

During your sessions, we’ll help you and your partner transform defensiveness, criticism, and isolation into openness, intimacy, and connection. We’ll provide you and your partner with a safe place to explore and express your emotions and concerns, and you’ll learn skills and practices proven to restore and strengthen relationships.

Our couples counseling is rooted in evidence-based practices and supported with deep listening and nonjudgmental understanding. We use techniques and strategies that are consistently successful in helping both same-sex and heterosexual couples heal.

While we strongly believe in the power of committed relationships, there are times when they become so destructive that they should end in their current forms. If this becomes true for you, we’ll support you in discussing your options and managing difficult decisions as they emerge.

Same-Sex Couples

We work to create a safe, secure, and growth-enhancing environment for all committed couples. While same-sex couples often fall into the same polarizing cycles as heterosexual couples, they also face unique stressors and challenges that we help couples navigate during the course of therapy.

Couples and Marriage Counseling Packages

The Couples ReConnection Package

Often, couples drift apart and build resentment through no fault of their own. Lack of sexual intimacy, parenting conflicts, relationship neglect, communication issues, and struggles with work-life balance can all create difficulty in relationships. With our Couples ReConnection Package, we work to help you and your partner break free from negative cycles.

By the time most couples come to counseling, they’ve been entrenched in unhealthy patterns for years. The total number of sessions will vary depending on the length and severity of your relationship difficulties. Most couples achieve measurable improvements within 8 sessions, with maintenance sessions as-needed.

Throughout your sessions, we’ll assess both your strengths and growth areas. We’ll help you and your partner move from disconnection and isolation to connection and intimacy. Once your package is complete, we’ll check in with you during additional maintenance sessions to ensure that your new healthy patterns become your new normal.

The Couples ReConnection Package includes:

  • Six 90-minute couple sessions
  • Two 1-hour individual sessions
  • maintenance sessions as-needed
  • a comprehensive assessment of your strengths and growth areas as a couple, addressing the following areas:
    • friendship and emotional connection
    • sexual intimacy and satisfaction
    • conflict management
    • shared values, dreams, and goals
    • rituals of connection (i.e., prioritizing points of connections during the day and week)

The Infidelity Recovery Package

Few experiences can be as painful or cut as deeply as the betrayal and trauma of infidelity. As challenging as it may seem, healing is possible. Through our Infidelity Recovery Package, we’ll guide you and your partner to greater well-being within yourselves and your relationship.

When working through issues of infidelity, it’s important that you meet with us both as a couple and as individuals. During your couples sessions, we’ll assess your struggles and capabilities together, helping you to learn the skills and techniques you need to foster and re-establish trust, safety, and commitment in your relationship.

Your individual sessions will provide you with time to do critical self-work and self-care. You’ll learn to cultivate the clarity and inner strength you need to once again engage in deep, loving partnership.

Your Infidelity Recovery Package includes:

  • Ten 90-minute couple sessions
  • Four 1-hour individual sessions
  • maintenance sessions as-needed
  • a comprehensive assessment of your strengths and growth areas as a couple informed by the research-based Gottman Method Couples Therapy
  • Gottman’s 3 Phase Trust Revival Method

Marathon Couples Therapy

For many couples, meeting one time per week over several months doesn’t produce change as rapidly as needed. Whether the issue is infidelity, emotional distance, or communication, adding longer and more frequent sessions at the beginning of couples therapy can produce more rapid and significant change. Marathon Couples Therapy was designed to meet the needs of these couples.

Your Marathon Couples Therapy Package includes: 

  • 12 hours of therapy over the course of 3 weeks
    • The exact frequency and duration of the sessions are based on the needs and of each couple and factor in scheduling logistics, including the distance the couple is traveling for the sessions, and the intensity of the problem.
    • So, for example, some couples choose to meet for a 4-hour block of time 1 time per week for 3 weeks. Others choose to meet for 2-hour sessions 2 times per week for 3 weeks.
  • maintenance sessions as-needed
  • a comprehensive assessment of your strengths and growth areas as a couple informed by the research-based Gottman Method Couples Therapy

+ Yoga

We’ve partnered with Jennifer Busco (E-RYT 500; Trained in Trauma Sensitive Yoga) to create a coordinated program that integrates the mind, body, and your relationship. Convenient yoga sessions can be conducted at your home or in studio.

Add private couples yoga to any of our packages to further enhance the effects of therapy. Yoga is the perfect compliment to Gottman Method Couples Therapy as it:

  • increases calm while decreases reactivity
  • improves awareness and openness
  • creates a positive shared experience
  • enhances a sense of positivity
  • is a scientifically-validated treatment for mental and physical health-related issues

Cost for a package of three 1-hour private couples yoga sessions: $299.

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