Hold Me Tight

Based on the acclaimed and successful book Hold Me Tight: 7 Conversations for a Lifetime of Love by Sue Johnson, Hold Me Tight® Workshops are 2-day couple workshops that help couples make sense of interactions, emotions, and restoring secure connections in romantic relationships.

Over the course of two days, couples move through the 7-conversations of Hold me Tight®:

1) Recognizing Demon Dialogues – Identifying the negative patterns that take over relationships and learn to hear each other in non-blaming, non-defensive ways.

2) Finding the Raw Spots – Looking under each partner’s automatic reactions during conflicts to identify the sore feelings underneath.

3) Revisiting a Rocky Moment – Finding successful de-escalation of a demon dialogue and learning to repair rifts and build emotional safety.

4) Hold Me Tight – Each partner moving into being more emotionally accessible, responsive, and engaged with each other.

5) Forgiving Injuries – Learning how to heal from injuries as demonstrations of renewal and connection.  Earned forgiveness empowers couples to renew and strengthen their bond.

6) Bonding Through Sex and Touch – Learning how emotional connection creates better sex, and better physical & sexual intimacy creates deeper emotional bonding.

7) Keeping Your Love Alive – Making plans to intentionally maintain and protect connection.


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