Wesley Little, LCMHC

I grew up in California, and I’ve lived in Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and now Charlotte. I’m a Californian at heart, and happiest when I’m hiking up a mountain or swimming in the ocean. I did my undergrad work at Mount Holyoke College, my grad work at University of Wisconsin, and my training and learning is always ongoing.

During all my training and practice of becoming a therapist has been a persistent belief – our relationships with each other are essential to our mental health. In working with individuals, I could tell I was only able to go so far in helping improve someone’s anxiety or depression. Once I found couples counseling, all the light bulbs turned on for me.

How is it that we can tell if our partner’s mood changes just from a sigh, or seeing their eyes change? Why do we so quickly feel a tightness in our chest, or sense of “alert” if we hear a tone in their voice? We are so much more attuned to our partners than we even realize, because our connection is vital to us. You might be reading this and think, “I feel that way, but I’m sure my partner doesn’t.” This is where the genius of couples therapy comes in. We are each sensitively aware of our partners, but we act in completely different ways when we feel nervous or upset. Couples therapy helps us understand what’s really happening in these moments.

I love working with the couples that come to see me. Most people who I work with have survived trauma in some way, either through their family or origin, or through traumatic events in their relationship. I see all different types of couples, and love working with LGBTQ couples. My style with you is gentle, encouraging, and persistent.

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