Relationship Snapshot

This is for couples who are interested in self-guided relationship improvement with the benefit of extra support via personalized assessment information. Couples will complete several measures to determine their strengths and growth areas, both as individuals and as couple, and receive recommendations based on these results. This service also includes a 1-hour introductory session and a 1-hour feedback session with a therapist at our practice.

Please note: this is not considered couples therapy but relationship coaching.

This service includes the following, in addition to the consultation sessions:

The Gottman Relationship Checkup
This measure identifies the strength and growth areas across a variety of dimensions, including friendship, conflict management, and creating shared meaning. Click here for information about this assessment. This measure is typically the most appropriate for couples that have been together awhile and those that are more distressed.


This is one of the most widely researched assessment measures and is particularly helpful for pre-marital or newly married couples. Click here for information about this measure and here for a sample report.


The Relationship History Interview 
This measure gives you a chance to describe what drew you to your partner initially and the good and bad times you’ve experienced since meeting.

Adult Attachment Interview 
There is a tremendous amount of research that shows that our early experiences shape our later adult relationship and attachment styles. This measure will help us identify your attachment style and gain a better since of your early family of origin experiences.

The Big 5 Personality Profile
Since individual personality traits significantly impact dynamics in a relationship, each partner will also complete this inventory to highlight areas that may enhance the relationship and areas that may take additional effort to navigate. Click here for a sample report.

As part of this service, you will receive a summary report that provides an overview of these assessments, including a list of specific recommendations and resources that will help support you and and your partner on your continued journey.

Please click HERE to ask us any questions about this service or to schedule your first consultation session.