Daniel Swiger, MA

I am born and raised, here, in Charlotte, NC. I have also lived in Raleigh, NC for one year and in Boone, NC for two years. I know the Charlotte area very well and have watched it grow throughout my life. I attended St. Gabriel elementary school, Holy Trinity Middle School, and Charlotte Catholic High School. I then attended UNC Charlotte University where I received my Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Marketing. I worked in the restaurant industry for over ten years. I decided to switch careers because I was not helping others in the capacity that I yearned to connect with people. So I quit my career without knowing what I was going to do. My whole life I
did what others told me to do in order to find my career. I took time off to discover what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I worked part time jobs- delivering catering, serving at a BBQ restaurant, and drove for Uber. I had heart-to-heart conversations with loved ones and myself. I discovered I wanted to be a therapist because it was a
beautiful combination of helping others, psychology, and philosophy.

I was inspired to find something I loved by my lovely fiancé, Lauren. She is a 4th grade elementary school teacher in the Charlotte area. Her love and passion for her career had me introspectively look at my career and overall happiness. This inspired me to quit my career and switch to being a therapist.

Couples have always interested me. I am in my own relationship where I and Lauren are working on our communication skills, developing our relationship, and growing our love. I am a firm believer that you have the power and ability to help your relationship and yourself. As your therapist I am there to lead from behind, to provide tools you may not know you have, and to supply support for the couple as a whole. Being a part of a couple and working with someone else, it is vital to be able to hold onto yourself in order to grow the relationship.

I am a huge sports fan! I love baseball, basketball, football, golf, and soccer. My favorite teams are the Carolina Panthers, Cincinnati Reds, Charlotte Hornets, Ohio State football, App State football, and West Ham soccer. I love reading books and traveling where I can learn about different cultures in our world. There is no right or wrong
answer in being a relationship. There is only working towards making it better and healthier.